Virtual Machines

Previously, some DN42 users had provided VMs to the community, but it is not known if any of these are currently active any more. The list of old providers is below the break.


If you have a DN42 project but do not have the resources to host it yourself, the burble.dn42 network may be able to provide hosting for you. Contact burble on IRC or via email to discuss.

LGP Corp

LGP Corp will make available virtual machines at IXP frnte for all interested parties. The administrator can be contacted at toinux in IRC.

Old Providers:

Person RAM HDD Net CPU Description No. Available
RyanH 384 MB 5 GB dn42 only 1x 2.4Ghz LXC in Manchester 12
florianb 384 MB 5 GB dn42 only 1x 2.2Ghz OpenVZ in Germany, good peers always enough
nellicus 384 MB 5 - 10 GB dn42 only 1x 2.6Ghz Xen/KVM Washington, DC USA 0
Basil 256 MB 20 GB dn42, NAT v4, /64 v6 1x 3.4Ghz KVM, Gravelines, France Always enough
KaiRaphixx (AS4242422506) 512 MB - 4096 MB 20 GB SSD / 50 GB HDD dn42, NAT v4 (only Internet-Connection, No Port-Forwarding) 1x - 2x 3.5 Ghz KVM, Falkenstein, Germany Always enough