dn42 Show and Tell

Let us know the most creative, best, strangest, complex, wierd or just plain fun setups that you've created with dn42.

Document your mad setups in the categories below, with links to a full write up, photos and screenshots welcome.

Things peered in to dn42

  • Fun devices peered in to dn42,
  • Or fun ways to connect them
  • The thing must be running BGP and connected in to dn42 as a full dynamic peer


  • Fun with virtualisation
    • peer in to dn42 from your browser
    • Emulate some old bgp capable hardware
  • Fun with hardware
    • obsolete routers you still have in your garage/loft/basement
    • shiny new hardware that you need to 'test' for work
  • Fun with networks
    • fast networks (100G+), slow networks (UART), strange networks (IP over dns/usb/etc)
    • Wired: Token Ring/X.25/ATM/ISDN etc (encapsulation allowed, but bonus points for real physical networks)
    • Wireless: dn42 via microwave/laser/satellite

… your stuff goes here

Things attached to dn42

  • The thing must be pingable from dn42
  • Bonus points if you can access the wiki from it
  • Double bonus, the device was able to add or edit its own entry on this page
  • Static routing, protocol encapsulation and virtualisation allowed


  • Fun with virtualisation
    • connect using an obscure or obsolete operating system
  • Fun with hardware
    • Microprocessors (ESP32, Arduino, Pico etc) or FPGAs
    • Connect your phone, watch, tv, clock, washing machine etc

… your stuff goes here

  • Retro dn42 access service by Burble
  • burble.dn42 provides a dn42 dialup service using real modems over VOIP, together with a modem emulator to ease attaching retro computers or virtual machines in to dn42

  • 04dco: At a maximum theoretical speed of a whopping 28.8 Kbps, web browsing and IRC chatting were done. My site still loads faster than everyone else's :)

    Screenshot of Windows XP while chatting on a familiar client

  • grawity: Lacking a physical modem, configured VirtualBox to attach the Windows 98 serial port to a TCP modem emulator at dialup.burble.dn42. Listening to a shoutcast stream of local FM radio station.

    Screenshot of Win98 showing "Connection Established"

  • jlu5: a Windows Server running BGP and receiving dn42 routes! (Full writeup here)

    GoBGP and route table output on Windows

Things that use dn42

  • Fun stuff that you've done with dn42


  • Fun with hardware
    • home automation or IoT over dn42
  • Fun with networking
    • Unique or obscure network and routing protocols

… your stuff goes here

  • Hardware Random Number Generator by Kioubit
  • A raspberry pi was connected to a random number source and random bytes offered via dn42. The raspberry pi is running a custom server to take requests via a simple HTTPS API and interface with the device.