Looking Glasses

This is the list of looking glasses available for the dn42 network. Some only display BGP information, while some others allow interactive queries (traceroute, details of a route, BGP-map visualisation, etc).

When a looking glass is described as IPv4 or IPv6, it refers to the information displayed (or queried) by the looking glass, not to the reachability of the looking glass service itself.

Please sort by AS number.

1955 ext:
$ telnet lg.hbone.hu
> show ipv6 bgp 65535 vpnuni rd 65535:42
> show ipv6 bgp 65535 vpnuni rd 65535:42
ext2: http://embed.ftelnet.ca/?Hostname=hbonelg.freertr.org&Port=80&AutoConnect=true&ConnectionType=telnet&Emulation=ansi-bbs&VirtualKeyboard=auto
this node have full v4/v6 unicast/multicast and some more fun tables from https://www.hbone.hu like inner ospfv2/v3, ldp and mpls-segment-routing states/trees, or the https://map.geant.org/ mdvpn routes and the looback0/32+label connectivity for them see the login banner for more things to look here
64719 ext: https://lg.dn42.lutoma.org
dn42: https://lg.lutoma.dn42
64737 ext: https://lg.dn42.us
4242420181 ext: https://lg.dn42.miegl.cz
dn42: http://lg.mgl.dn42
4242420197 ext: https://lg.n0emis.eu
dn42: https://lg.n0emis.dn42 (soon)
4242420304 ext: https://lg.04d.co
dn42: https://lg.04dco.dn42
4242420458 ext: https://lg.huajinet.org
4242420585 ext: https://dn42.atolm.net/lg
dn42: http://atolm.dn42/lg
4242420831 ext: https://lg.dn42.tms.im
4242420927 ext: https://lg.dn42.liki.link
4242421022 ext: https://lg.bsdrocker.com
4242421050 ext: https://lg.dn42.napshome.net
dn42: http://lg.napshome.dn42
4242421080 ext: https://lg.highdef.network
dn42: http://lg.highdef.dn42
4242421123 ext: https://dn42.ccp.ovh
dn42: http://n.dn42
4242421197 dn42: https://lg.scoopta.dn42
dn42: ssh [email protected]
restricted frr shell
4242421411 ext: https://lg.famfo.xyz
dn42: https://lg.catgirls.dn42
4242421722 ext: https://lg42.tchekda.fr
dn42: http://lg42.tchekda.dn42
4242421780 ext: https://lg.sfsarfe.com
dn42: http://lg.sfsarfe.dn42
4242421816 ext: https://lg.dn42.potat0.cc
dn42: http://lg.potat0.dn42
4242421955 dn42: http://lg.nop.dn42
ext: http://sandbox.freertr.org
4242422092 ext: https://lg.dn42.pebkac.gr
dn42: http://lg.pebkac.dn42
IPv4 and IPv6
4242422206 ext: https://lg.dn42.est-it.de
dn42: https://lg.techanit.dn42
IPv4 and IPv6
4242422237 ext: https://lg.dn42.munsternet.eu
dn42: http://lg.munsternet.dn42
IPv6 only
4242422439 ext: https://lg.dn42.saru.moe
dn42: https://lg.saru.dn42
4242422575 dn42: https://lg.androw.dn42
ext: https://lg.androw.eu
4242422596 ext: https://lg.chaox.ro
dn42: http://lg.chaox.dn42
4242422601 dn42: http://lg.burble.dn42
ext: https://lg.burble.com
4242422633 dn42: http://lg.eb.dn42
ext: https://lg.eastbnd.com
4242422717 ext: https://lg.whojk.com
4242422904 ext: https://lg.doxz.net
4242423035 ext: https://lg.lare.cc
dn42: https://lg.lare.dn42
4242423088 ext: https://lg.dn42.6700.cc
dn42: http://lg.sun.dn42
4242423315 ext: http://lg.unknownts.tk
dn42: http://unknownts.dn42
4242423411 ext: —————————
dn42: http://lg.goldlineit.dn42
4242423868 ext: http://lg-dn42.chimon.org
4242421869 ext: https://lg.usman.network
dn42: http://lg.usman.dn42
4242422475 ext: https://heimdall.prevarinite.net
dn42: https://heimdall.pvn.dn42


These looking glasses were added to the table at some point, but now seem to be down (404, DNS broken, …)

64720 ext: http://lg.prauscher.de
dn42: http://lg.prauscher.dn42
64766 ext: http://ix.ucis.nl/routes.php
dn42: http://ix.ucis.dn42/routes.php
IPv4 only.
64835 ext: http://lg.nordkapp-5.dn42
65529 ext: http://bgp.freifunk-bielefeld.de/ulg/ulg.py
Interactive, BGP-map
76103 ext: http://lg.nixnodes.net
dn42: http://lg.nixnodes.dn42
IPv4 only.
76142 dn42: http://lg.ffdn.dn42
Interactive, BGP-map
4242420013 ext: http://dn42.netrik.de/de-fra1
Interactive, BGP-map
4242420022 dn42: http://mhm.dn42:5001
4242420101 ext: http://core1.darmstadt.ccc.de
ext: http://edge1.core.chaos-darmstadt.de
dn42: http://lg.cda.dn42
4242420123 dn42: https://lg.grmml.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242420151 ext: ssh [email protected]
restricted bird shell
4242420184 ext: http://peerfinder.polyno.me
dn42: http://peerfinder.polynome.dn42
Can be used as a distributed looking glass if you give it a dn42 address.
4242420184 dn42: http://dataviz.polynome.dn42/dn42/lastseen
Non-interactive "BGP last seen" service: keeps an history of previously announced BGP prefixes.
4242420200 dn42: http://lg.punkt.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242420300 ext: http://lg-fr-rbx.wolke7.me
dn42: http://lg-fr-rbx.wolke7.dn42
4242420321 dn42: http://lg.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242420341 dn42: https://lg.hachiman.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242420812 dn42: https://lg.jan.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242420827 ext: https://lg.llyn.lorkep.trade
dn42: https://lg.lorkep.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
IPv6 only
4242420977 ext: https://lg.moerail.ml
dn42: http://lg.moerail.dn42
4242421055 dn42: http://lg.tmwawpl.dn42
4242421092 dn42: http://lg.erg.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242421099 ext: https://lg.owensresearch.org
dn42: https://lg.owensresearch.dn42
BGP Route, BGP Community, BGP AS Path, Ping, and Traceroute
4242421166 dn42: http://lg.alcatrash.dn42
4242421224 dn42: http://lg.bit.dn42
4242421231 dn42: http://lg.caesia.dn42
ext: https://lg.caesia.net
ext: https://lg.strexp.net
dn42: http://lg.nia.dn42
4242421588 dn42: http://lg.tech9computers.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
4242421876 dn42: https://lg.potato.dn42
ext: https://lg.dn42.ac.cn
4242421926 dn42: https://lg.zhaofeng.dn42
ext: https://lg.naive.network
4242422016 ext: https://dn42.sidereal.ca
dn42: https://lg.sidereal.dn42
4242422024 ext: http://lg.dn42.gcc.ac.cn
Interactive (ping, traceroute, BGP-map)
4242422189 dn42: http://lg.iedon.dn42
4242422341 ext: https://lg.dn42.zotan.network
dn42: https://lg.zotan.dn42
4242422342 dn42: http://lg.gbe.dn42
Semi-interactive (no traceroute, no ping)
4242422428 ext: https://lg.0l.de
IPv4 and IPv6
4242422506 dn42: http://www.as4242422506.dn42
4242422547 ext: https://lg.lantian.pub
dn42: http://lg.lantian.dn42
4242422700 dn42: http://lg.gotroot.dn42
ext: http://dn42.gotroot.ca
4242423078 ext: https://lg.hexanet.dev
dn42: http://lg.hex.dn42
Interactive (traceroute, BGP-map)
IPv6 only
4242423735 ext: https://lg.dn42.cperrin.xyz
dn42: http://lg.cperrin.dn42
4242423827 ext: https://sky.nullroute.eu.org/dn42/lg
dn42: http://lg.nullroute.dn42
4242423905 ext: https://dn42-svc.weiti.org/ulg
dn42: https://lg.weiti.dn42
4242423905 ext: http://zeus.nowhere.ws/dn42/routes.cgi
dn42: http://zeus.nihilus.dn42/dn42/routes.cgi
Non-interactive (route listing only).
4242423955 dn42: http://lg.flo.dn42
4242423973 dn42: http://lg.technopoint.dn42
(traceroute, BGP-map) IPv4 only.
4242423993 ext: https://lg.2f30.org
IPv4 only.