We provide some anycast services over IPv6.

Anycast address space

fd42:d42:d42::/48 is reserved for anycast services.

Each anycast service runs on a dedicated /64 in this range. This way, nobody needs to update filters.

Remember, if you announce an anycast /64, then you need to provide all services within this /64. It's probably simpler to only provide one service for each /64.

Anycast services

Name Service address Protocol/port Comment
Recursive DNS resolver fd42:d42:d42:54::1/64 UDP/53 . and dn42. Providers
Whois Database fd42:d42:d42:43::1/64 TCP/43  
TOR SOCKS5 Proxy fd42:d42:d42:9050::1/64 TCP/9050  
internal Wiki fd42:d42:d42:80::1/64 TCP/80, TCP/443  
myip.dn42 fd42:d42:d42:81::1/64 TCP/80  

Future services

  • streaming
  • other kind of DNS (authoritative-only, recursive for dn42 only)