systemd-networkd configuration example

This is the config that is used on ZOTAN Networks (AS4242422341). Full network configuration available on my Git (dn42) or alternatively my Git (clear)


loopback device (



wireguard netdev (dn42p1.netdev)

Name = dn42p1
Kind = wireguard
Description = WireGuard

ListenPort = 42421
PrivateKeyFile = /etc/wireguard/private.key

PublicKey = <peer wg pubkey>
Endpoint = <peer wg endpoint>:<peer wg port>
AllowedIPs =,,fd00::/8,fe80::/10,ff00::/8

wireguard network (

Name = dn42p1

Address = fe80::2342/128 # arbitrary, doesn't need to be unique for each interface
Peer = <peer tunnel linklocal address>/128

Address = <your DN42 ipv4>/32
Peer = <peer DN42 ipv4>/32